xp-pen deco pro review

Best Drawing Tablet XP-pen deco pro review

XP-pen deco pro is the best graphics tablet. With lots of drawing tablets available in the market, it is always very difficult short out the best graphics tablets as a designer.

But none of them can be considered a complete package of the tablet they often one and the other lack. Initially, the worst culprits are cheap drawing tablets that seem good for a short time but may cause a lot of problems in the long run.

On the flip side, if you looking for the best graphics tablet like Wacom Intuos pro, the best graphics tablet is expensive even though Wacom pro is the best option for you.

the XP-pen deco pro is one of the best affordable drawing tablets and a few devices available on the market. We can recommend it if your budget is under $200.

we are XP-pen deco Pro review is one of our favorite tablets because it offers excellent value for the money. We love the quality of the pen and the fact that you don’t need a drawing stylus. The battery life is good, too. But we had some issues with driver software stability. And while the Deco Pro is easy to use, we found it difficult to find tutorials online. Plus, the lack of a touchscreen makes navigation tricky. If you’re looking for a high-end performing tablet for less than $200, though, the XP-pen Deco Pro is worth considering.

After deep analysis after we share finally an honest XP-pen deco pro review. We will discuss in this article Xp pen deco pro features and advantages and disadvantages and find out alternative options in the market.

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+ USB-C Cable and reversible button
+ Excellent value
+ Useful wheel scroll

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– Sensituve touchpad
– MAC software is not integrated


Let us look at XP-pen deco Pro Review Specifications

Dimension399.7 ✕ 227 ✕ 16.5 mm
Active Working Area11 ✕ 6 Inches (medium)
9 ✕ 5 Inches (small)
Shortcut Button8
Roller WheelTrackpad and Mechanical wheel
Pen Pressure sensitivityLevels of 8192
Pen Tilt60 degrees
Report Rate200 RPS
Pen Button2
Supported Operating SystemWindows, Mac, and Android versions up to 6.0
ConnectivityWireless and Wired
XP-PEN Deco Pro Medium Graphics Drawing Tablet with XP-PEN...
  • XP-PEN Deco Pro, the XP-Pen’s latest tablet release, makes its debut as the 2019 Red Dot Design...
  • XP-PEN Deco Pro features the new groundbreaking double wheel interface combines a mechanical and...
  • The XP-Pen Deco Pro supports up to 60 degrees of tilt function, quickly and easily responding to the...
  • Deco Pro Medium with up to 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, the Deco Pro provides you precise...

Last update on 2023-02-13 at 06:28

XP-Pen Deco Pro Review: How’s Design

XP pen deco pro is an excellent design and affordable drawing tablet. The Deco pro looks modern and minimalist with metallic silver and matte black colors that are really cool with each other. These tablets are made from a metal lot of thought was put into making and using symmetrical different materials used. The first time in hand you feel a reassuringly high-quality expensive drawing tablet.

XP-pen deco pro has a massive drawing area and has advanced shortcut functionality on the right button. The Affordable device has two larger rubber strips on the backside that grip and keeps the tablet securely planted on the surface.

Xp-Pen Deco pro Review
image credit by storexppen.com

The tablet has a near buttons thickness pad of 16.5 mm and control surfaces and also has a 7mm thickness pad near the drawing area. Really Deco Pro’s corners are rounded and beveled for a smooth surface finish.

XP-pen Deco Pro Drawing Active Area

The XP Pen Deco Pro comes with two active drawing areas small and medium. The active working area is a 9 x 5 inches feature in this small-size drawing tablet.

xp pen deco pro review
Image Credit by Aliexpress.com

The medium sizes, on the other hand, have an 11 x 6-inch outstanding working area. Aside from surface area, there is no distinction between both small and medium size tablets.

Deco Pro Surface Texture

The tablet has a textured surface to make it feel very much like a drawing on paper and pencil experience. The surface texture offers a tiny resistance that assists in better stylus control.

It makes appears that XP Pen has really been working to enhance the texture of the drawing tablets. The Deco Pro has a unique feel to the previous generation of XP Pen drawing tablet devices. It has a slight texture and comfortable feel that is extremely enjoyable to draw time on.

Xp-pen Deco Pro review Surface Texture

The texture of the Deco Pro is massively better than that of other pen tablets on the market, but it comes up short of the Wacom Intuos (the difference is very subtle).

Which Size tablet is best for drawing?

As explained previously, the only difference between Deco Pro small and medium is the size. So, which tablet should you choose over the other?

xp pen deco pro review
Image credit by storexppen.com

The correct solution is that it all depends on the dimensions of the monitor you’re using. If you collaborate on a laptop or a monitor that is 19 inches or smaller, the Deco Pro small is the correct choice for you.

Likewise, the medium-sized Deco Pro is ideal for artists who operate on monitors with screen sizes of 24 inches or larger.

How to connect the drawing tablet to the Laptop & Desktop

This is most likely the most amazing feature of the Deco Pro.

You can connect the drawing tablet to your computer in three ways (or an Android device).

  1. USB-C cable for wired connectivity
  2. A wireless USB receiver provides wireless connectivity.
  3. Bluetooth wireless connectivity
Video Credit by xp-pen.com

Wired connectivity is extremely simple. Connect directly the L-shaped Wired connection to the Deco Pro tablet then to your computer – and you’re done.

The additional benefit of using an L-shaled connector is that the cable does not protrude from the tablet and therefore is perfectly flush with the tablet body, enabling you to keep your setup reasonably clean.

Able to connect the tablet via USB receiver also easily plug the receiver into your computer then you’re done.

Is Deco Pro Support connected to Android phones or tablet

The Deco Pro is suitable for all smartphones and tablets operating version 6.0 or higher.  But the big issue is iOS Operating system devices are currently not supported.

You Using the OTG connector and USB cable/receiver, the tablet can really be connected to Android devices. Certainly, plug in the USB cable to the tablet and connect the OTG connector to the phone and your deco pro tablet. Interact both of them together and you’re ready to go.

The tablet is compatible with all of the popular drawing apps for Android, such as Autodesk Sketchbook, Medibang paint, Ibis paint X, Infinite painter, and others.

The majority of drawing applications support pressure sensitivity but not tilt recognition. Is this another reason this tablet’s Android apps do not support buttons and dials?

Deco Draw, the XP Pen’s own application, supports simple and easy shortcut buttons as well as the touchpad.

How looks XP-Pen Deco Pro Drawing gloves

Excellent drawing gloves are included with the Deco Pro. The XP pen-branded glove has been composed of a synthetic substance that absorbs sweat quickly and dries. It has a medium fit and you feel soft to it.

How to use XP-Pen Deco Pro Pen Holder

Pen Holders are most important because they save the damaged stylus. The Deco pro comes with an excellent robust strong pen. It is cylindrical in shape and plastic and soft touch material use of made on the outside.

Video Credit by XP-pen.com

The pen holder’s front cap also features a pen stand. The bottom has rubber pads to help it stand on texture.

There is a small detachable cap on the other side of the pen holder. When you open the cap, you’ll find 8 extra pen nibs neatly stored in small compartments. In the center, there is also a nib remover tool. It supports the removal of the nibs from the stylus, as the names suggest.

PA1 pen Stylus

The XP-pen Deco pro has a very capable stylus with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity that is outstanding and also has, an additional, tilt of up to ±60°.

How’s XP-Pen Deco Pro Pen Stylus Design

The Deco Pro stylus has a unique look that features material on the back and silicone grips in the front half. The black portion of the pen has a smooth finish that helps with the pen grip.

XP-Pen Deco Review
Image Credit by XP-pen.com

The stylus is perfectly designed to fit your grips it’s very handy and feels very comfortable. The pen’s front end is broad and gradually takes the edge towards the back.

It is important to remember that, regardless of the fact that the pen is made of metal, steel does not contribute to the total weight. The pen is still light and versatile.

How does work PA1 Pen

In regards to precision, drawing tablets have greatly evolved. Even cheap affordable price graphics tablets now have exact pen nibs. As a result, it’s no great shock that now the Deco Pro performs best at stylus accuracy.

First, consider pen pressure sensitivity. The pen pressure sensitivity of the Deco Pro stylus is 8192 levels.

We are pressure sensitivity test has a very successful transition between both the thick and thin lines. There are no strange pressure bumps in the time.

XP-pen deco pro review
Image Credit by Amazon. in

Accordingly, there is a smooth process from low to high opacity. As we can see, the pen performs excellently in the pressure test. It is perfectly balanced and calibrated.

The consistency test. At slow speeds, a few styluses produce uneven wavy lines. The pen produces an extremely sharp and perfect line at both fast and slow sketch maximum speed   The cross-hatching test produces similar results.

Moreover, if you look at each of the strokes, especially toward the end, you will see that the strokes do not suddenly end. They taper very well in the back.

The pen also has a 60° title sensitivity, which continues to work as expected.

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