• Expensive
  • No 3.5mm audio port
  • No user-adjustable EQ
  • Limited features for Android

AirPods Pro Max Review: Specs

Size7.4 x 6.6 x 3.3 inches
TypeCircumaural (over-ear)
Connection TypeBluetooth
Speakers40mm dynamic drivers
Weight13.6 ounces
Battery life20 hours

Ever since acquiring Beats by Dre for an ungodly amount of cash in 2014. It’s been fairly obvious Apple had its eye on the buyer audio space. the first AirPods were successful despite being terrible. And therefore the AirPods Pro is really among the simplest true wireless earbuds you’ll get. So when Apple announced its long-awaited over-ears, the AirPods Pro Max Review, we were excited but skeptical. Which way were they getting to go? Are these just another overpriced Apple product or are they really an honest pair of headphones?

Apple AirPods Pro Max Price Comparison

AirPods Pro Max review Price and Release Date

The AirPods Pro Max officially released on December 15, 2020. Whew! If you don’t believe the Apple tax, allow me to present you with the AirPods Max. Priced at $549, the Max is a number of the foremost expensive mainstream consumer headphones I’ve reviewed. They create the $329 Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. Therefore the $349 Sony WH-1000-xM4 headphones look positively affordable.

AirPods Pro Max Review: Design

The AirPods Max plays the part of luxury headphones extremely well. The chrome steel headband and aluminum ear cups feel sturdy. And I don’t desire they’ll break if I toss them in my backpack. All that metal means the AirPods Max is additionally really heavy, weighing in at 386 grams. That’s much heavier than the opposite top noise-canceling headphones we’ve tested, and you are feeling it. Once I let my roommate try these on, the primary thing she mentioned was how heavy they felt. That’s to not say these aren’t comfortable, though. The scarf is brilliantly engineered to distribute the load evenly.

Airpods pro max review

The plush padding and lightweight fabric headband feel very nice. The ear cups feel amazing—they’re without a doubt my favorite thing about the headphones. they’re comfortable and you’ll easily pop off the padding to exchange as required. This enables you to combine and match colors. Though you’ll need to distribute another $69 USD if you would like to travel that route.

The ear cups are extremely deep, which is really vital. Providing much room around your ears brings a variety of advantages. And which from effective weight distribution to creating noise isolation easier to accomplish. it’s going to appear to be a tough thing to gush about. But bigger ear cups mean more things go right for more people, which we’ll demonstrate a touch afterward.

Airpods pro max review

One notable downside here is that the lack of any folding hinges. While the rotating ear cups are nice once you want to slide them into your bag, they don’t fold down like other headphones. The scarf is formed of a metal that slides when adjusting the fit but won’t fold to save lots of space.

AirPods Pro Max Review: Features

It should come as no surprise that the AirPods Max features a host of features that Apple would have us ask as “the magic of AirPods.” The magic in question speaks to the seamless, near-instant way everything works –– not just with the AirPods Max. But within the entire Apple ecosystem. 

For instance, you’ve got Audio Sharing. Which allows you to stream audio between two sets of devices, including the iPad and iPod Touch. it’ll even work with Apple TV. All you’ve got to try to do is bring the AirPods Max within range of the device and just tap to attach. It goes hand-in-hand with the automated Switching feature. 

In terms of Siri, there’s the always-on feature, which suggests that the digital assistant is usually able to jump to your beck and call. And if you’re not in the mood to interact together with your smartphone or iDevice to read incoming messages. There’s the Announce Messages feature with Siri functionality. When enabled, Siri will read your messages to you and you’ll direct it to reply back.

Airpods pro max review

Siri’s nice and every one , but these are a pair of headphones. As such, Apple included a couple of features to reinforce your listening experience. The corporation uses a pair of its H1 chips to bring listeners its Adaptive EQ. Using each of the chips’ 10 cores, Adaptive EQ adjusts the mids and lows of a track in real-time to support the position and seal of earcups. The results are consistent, balanced audio quality.

AirPods Pro Max Review: Audio Performance

The audio quality offered by the Apple AirPods Max is just outstanding. they are available with a good. Which is a well-balanced soundstage that leaves much room for every instrument to actually sing – pair that with cool extra features. Like automatically pausing your music once you remove the headphones and Spatial Audio, and you have got yourself a really special pair of cans. 

Listening to Phoebe Bridgers’ Garden Song, and her soft voice sounded smooth and clear, with every detail meticulously conveyed by the AirPods Max. The glitchy picked guitar had a stunning rich quality thereto, with an incredible sense of rhythm and stereo separation. 

Airpods pro max review

Moving onto Love My Way by The Psychedelic Furs, the glockenspiel sounded bright and vivid, while the tightly-controlled bass provided a solid bedrock for the guitar and vocals. As we turned up the quantity, we didn’t experience any issues with distortion, partly because of the neodymium ring magnet motor inside the headphones that powers its 40mm drivers.

The AirPods Max is great for taking note of just about any genre of music. Whether you’re into sparkly pop with strong vocals or hip-hop with punchy basslines – and in contrast to the AirPods Pro, they will handle serious music, too. As we listened to Mozart’s Jupiter, the raucous opening sounded expansive and decadent, while the quieter flute passages were handled delicately with accuracy and precision. 

Airpods pro max review

Despite the high price of the AirPods Max, support for Hi-Res Audio files is restricted to Apple’s own Apple Digital Masters tracks. Which are only available via Apple Music. Again, this makes it feel as if we’re being somewhat shortchanged, as we’d expect comprehensive codec support at this price.

AirPods Pro Max Review: Active Noise Cancelling

For nearly $600, the AirPods Max better have some A1 noise canceling. The headphones have a complement of nine microphones, eight of which are dedicated to keeping out errant noise. While the remaining device is employed for voice pickup during calls or summoning Siri. So how do the AirPods Max stack up? pretty much, actually. While they’re not powerful enough to stay the hustle and bustle of the latest York City cornered me after I pressed the Noise Cancelling button. the town appeared to magically fall away, leaving only the slight whispers. 

During my daily walk, the AirPods Max’s noise-canceling severely reduced the development noise from a close-by Con-Ed truck with no music playing. taking note of Gallant’s “Comeback.” at 40% volume completely submerged what was already a small rumble. An equivalent thing happened with a passing ambulance, making the blaring siren sound love it was several city blocks away. Using the cans in my house, I found the ANC completely excluded my LG TV when the quantity was set to 16. Which is slightly worse than the Bose and Sony which both do 17. 


But there are moments once you actually want or got to hear the planet around you. In those instances, you’ve got Transparency mode. When enabled, the microphones allow an honest amount of ambient noise into the soundscape. That meant the sound of oncoming traffic made an uneasy alliance with Erica Banks’ “Buss It” as I crossed the road. And also fighting the urge to drop it low and make a fast wardrobe change. There is a choice to disable ANC completely. But if you reside in a busy metropolis as I do, I doubt you’ll ever use it.

AirPods Pro Max Review: Battery life

Apple claims the AirPods Max will last you almost 20 hours of certain playback with active noise canceling turned on. The headphones do an excellent job at sipping batteries in my time with them. This is simply also considering you can’t physically turn them off!

Putting them within the case activates a low-power mode. And that they will wait a couple of hours before powering off automatically if you allow them out. I desire this is often a touch too long and wouldn’t be surprised to ascertain Apple push an update that shortens this point within the future.

 AirPods Pro Max Review: Call Quality

I’ve made quite a few calls on the AirPods Max and unless I used to be outside and an ambulance or cruiser was driving by with the siren on. Most of my callers were none the wiser. Outside of these few times, most of my callers reported loud, clear sounds. Most couldn’t even tell that I used to be employing a pair of headphones, even once I was outside. There wasn’t any of that telltale wind resistance.


On my end of the decision, outside of some slight muffling thanks to the ANC, my callers’ voices were clear and distinct. Volume was loud enough that I often could hear tons of ground noise, including my niece, who was teaching my grandpa.

Is the AirPods Pro Max worthy for you?

The AirPods Max is the best Apple headphones, so it’s a shame they’re not in a more palatable price range. But these headphones round out Apple’s ecosystem in a way I didn’t think I cared about, and now that they’re here. I’m having a tough time desiring the other over-ear headphones immediately. The mixture of cushy comfort, pristine audio quality, and killer features like spatial audio is tough to beat.

Besides the very fact that they’re more compatible with Android users. The Bose 700 and Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones both cost many dollars less and offer comparable noise cancellation. Plus, both accompany practical cases, a headphone jack, and an off switch. 

If you’ll look past these caveats and have the dough to spend, the AirPods Max is your ticket to listening luxury. you would possibly feel pressured to mount the train with Apple’s legion of loyal customers. And I’m here to inform you that’s okay. The AirPods Max isn’t frivolous — they’re exceptional.