samsung galaxy tab 10.1 software update

How to do Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 software update

Samsung is a few months after the Update their device system software update. Many Samsung Galaxy tablet users ask how to software update their best tablet we will discuss this in the article How to update Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 Software update.

What ensure Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 software update before

Check your Wifi Enable

Device update before making sure your tablet connects to wifi because system software needs an internet connection.

How to connect Wifi on Galaxy Tab 10.1

Step-1: Go From the Home screen and navigate to apps>setting>WiFi

Step 2: Confirm WiFi has been enabled your checkmark to enable wifi is present

Step 3: Tap your Wifi network to view the password and enter your wifi password connect tab before checking your password. You will maybe see you show the password option checkmark you able to see the password. if your password is the correct tab to connect.

How to wifi network add manually

  1. Ensure Wifi is enabled
  2. Tab to add new wifi manually
  3. From the network, name networks filed the Wifi appropriate name

3. Tap the Security option

. WPA3-Personal
. 802.1xEAP

You Select > WPA/WPA2 PSK then show the password field

4. Password field enter your wifi passwords then tap show password and confirm you entered the password.

5. Password confirm after then tap save now auto connect wifi.

Always make sure wifi connection Update time mobile data do not allow some version of the tablet. 

2. Make Sure Enough Specs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 

if your tablet has not had enough space you can clean up your phone or device storage. You can back up your stored file using the smart switch and Google account drive.

The system update won’t be received while roaming Remember Battery Charge Level.

  1. minimum 40% charge (not charging)
  2. minimum 20% charge (stay charging)

Install Device Software Update – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

1. Open your tab home screen and tap the application icon

2. Find the setting app and tap to set

3. Scroll and tap on about device 

4. swipe and tap system update and software update.

5. Tap Download install or check software update. If your device update is available it will show download now you need to tap on some Samsung or other device.

samsung galaxy tab 10.1 software update

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