Microsoft surface pro 8 Specs, Leaks Release Date And What we Expecting

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a high-end 2-in-1 PC. It had been refreshed per annum between 2013 and 2019. But it has been all changed since then. 

Firstly, we saw no new Surface Pro in 2020, presumably due partially to the coronavirus pandemic. That does not mean Microsoft has stopped releasing new hardware though. The second-gen Surface Go and Surface Pro X, third-gen Surface Book. And new Surface Laptop Go have all launched within the last 8 months.

Microsoft has now revealed the new Surface Pro 7+, but there are only a couple of upgrades. And, they are only available to business and education customers. Many of those minor upgrades were rumored to return to the professional 8. Including 11th-gen Intel processors and LTE connectivity.

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But what does this mean for the longer term of the Surface Pro line? Will the professional 7+ ever come to consumers, and can we still see a professional 8 in 2021? Here’s everything we all know at this stage.

Microsoft Surface 7 Pro Deals

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Release Date

There are no announcements or rumors regarding the discharge date for the Microsoft Surface Pro 8. Considering how recently the professional 7 and Pro X were released. We might not know for a while typically, the professional series has been refreshed once a year. And, while it hasn’t been consistent, more often than not, Surface devices are released in October, but that’s come and gone.

The big question regarding the Surface Pro 8 release date has got to do with Microsoft’s other products. That the pc world is expecting, namely the Surface Duo and therefore the Surface Neo. It’s possible that Microsoft will do what it did last year once they released the professional 7 in October of 2019 and therefore the Pro X the subsequent month.

It’s also possible that Microsoft will want to offer their new dual-screen devices more room to catch on. Now though, the safe back the Microsoft Pro 8 is an early 2021 release date.

 Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Price and Availability

We cannot learn the official pricing and availability of the Surface Pro 8 for a minimum of another few months. But historical data can get us within the ballpark. 

Microsoft once released new Surface Pro tablets every 1.5 years one in October. The successor in June of the subsequent year, and so on. That cadence ended last year with the Surface Pro 7. Which was released in October a few years after the Surface Pro 6. 

We initially expected……

……Microsoft to continue the trend, barring any longer delays (possibly caused by the coronavirus). However, October 2020 came and went with no signs of a Surface Pro 8. Recent leaks now point to a fall 2021 launch, excepting possibly in October or November. If the speculation comes true, it might mean a 2-year gap between releases. 

As an aside, we’re also keeping an eye fixed on the Surface Neo, a dual-screen device originally set to launch Holiday 2020. The Surface Neo is reportedly delayed until 2021.

We feel pretty confident guessing the worth of the Surface Pro 8, albeit we’re thus far from its release. Microsoft keeps the worth of its Surface Pro tablets pretty consistent. So it can target an equivalent audience annually. 

With that in mind, let’s check out the Surface Pro 7 for hints. The newest model starts at $749 for a Features Core i3 version and shoots up to $2,299 for a Core i7 config with a 1TB SSD. For us, the sweet spot is somewhere within the middle, at around $1,199 (Core i5, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD). Of course, the Signature Type Cover is extra ($159) then is the Surface Pen ($99). 

We expect the Surface Pro 8 will land at around the same $749 starting price and attend or beyond $2,000 when maxed out. A lower starting price seems unlikely (unless Microsoft surface pro 8 goes with AMD) and it’d take a significant overhaul. And a few futuristic features like 5G (or 4G LTE), urge this tablet to cost far more than two grand.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8: Design and Features

Pictures of the Surface Pro 8 (and Surface Laptop 4) reportedly leaked online. Because the devices were being certified in South Korea. Twitter user cozy planes say images of devices showed them certified under. The model numbers 1950 (Surface Laptop) and 1960 (Surface Pro), which matched the model numbers uncovered by Windows Central. 

The bad news? The 2 devices look just like the previous versions. Suggesting the Surface Pro 8 is going to be a minor generational update. The interesting news? Windows first suggests Microsoft could best name them “the new Surface Pro” and “the new Surface Laptop.”

Among the most recent rumors from Windows Latest is that the Surface Pro 8 will have design improvements but not be a serious overhaul. We hope this means the upcoming tablet will have thinner bezels to align with the looks of more modern competitors.

 Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Microsoft patents

Previously, a pair of Microsoft patents was getting people excited about the Surface Pro 8. Before I’m going on, I should advise you that patents rarely become tangible products and therefore the ones. I’m close to describing are pretty far out there. 

Still, it’s fun to ascertain what is going on within the minds of Microsoft’s inventors on the off chance these bizarre ideas move ahead. 

The first patent describes a Surface Pro tablet with solar panels embedded within the kickstand for extended battery life. One photo shows a Surface Pro with an attached. The keyboard is charged by four solar panels mounted to the rear of its kickstand. Another method described within the patent would charge the Surface device directly.

You wouldn’t even need direct sunlight because the solar panels appear to figure with artificial lights. Better yet, the kickstand is often rotated therefore the panels aim directly at the source of sunshine. 

Again, this is often a reasonably radical concept therefore the odds of it seeing the sunshine sorry. I had to are slim more likely may be a concept described in another. Microsoft patent wherein speakers are mounted to the rear of the sort Cover. 

 Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Physical constraints limit the dimensions of a tablet’s speakers. But using the case may be a clever way of adding more land to figure with. As described within the patent the case would work. When open and closed and therefore the speaker would face outward. When the kickstand is engaged.

It’s quite likely that the Surface Pro 8 will retain an equivalent aging design. Because of the Surface Pro 7 with its thick display bezels. At least, that appears to be the case that supported a Reddit post alleging to point out the Surface Pro 8.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8: Specs

Microsoft has kept a 12.3-inch display on the Surface Pro. But we’d see it expanded with the Microsoft Surface Pro 8. Especially if the bezels are reduced. It’s possible Microsoft will choose an equivalent 13-inch, 2880 x 1920-pixel panel on the Surface Pro X. But again, we’re only speculating. 

The Surface Pro 8 is predicted to return with the newest Intel 11th Gen (Tiger Lake) Core-U series processors and Iris Xe graphics. Rumors hint at 8GB of RAM for the bottom model. An upgrade from the measly 4GB available within the previous version. We have also seen reports of a Core i7 model with up to 32GB of RAM.

Intel’s CFO George Davis Talk

Alternatively, Microsoft might prefer to delay its launch for the next-gen CPUs although it’d not add up to. Intel’s CFO George Davis said Tiger Lake (10nm+) is going to be less profitable than 14nm chips. Which the 7nm processors in 2021 (assuming they arrive this year given the huge worldwide chip shortages) are those to seem out for. 

Regardless of whether the Surface Pro 8 will pack Tiger Lake chips or something even newer. We will expect to ascertain Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 variants of the CPUs. 

We also got to mention AMD. There are not any rumors about AMD coming to Surface Pro. But Microsoft took a risk last year by counting on AMD processors for its Surface Laptop 3. We expect Microsoft to jump the gun but that AMD’s new 4000-series CPUs present a true opportunity for mobile devices just like the Surface Pro 8. 

Alongside the CPU, the Surface Pro 8 will likely start with 4GB of RAM and go up to 16GB. Storage on the Surface Pro 7 started at 128GB. But we’d wish to see Microsoft take after Apple and ramp it up to a 256GB SSD. We’d be surprised if 1TB wasn’t the utmost storage amount.

What we Expecting Microsoft surface pro 8

What percentage Hours battery life: The Surface Pro 7’s biggest flaw was its seven hours and 52 minutes score on our web-surfing (over Wi-Fi) battery test. That was an enormous drop from the Surface Pro 6’s 9:20 time. The cheaper Surface Go 2 beats it by quite 2 hours posting a time of 11:39. It is also the 9:31 time we saw from the MacBook Air 2020. And therefore the 12:39 we saw from the 1080p Dell XPS 13.

More stability: We keep seeing reports of Windows 10 updates failing. And one recent update sent the Surface Pro 7 into a series of random shutdowns across potentially many users. The Surface Pro may be a flagship Microsoft device and will be reliable.

Infinity Edge

Slender bezels: This is often less about what I would like but more about where the industry goes. Check out the XPS 13’s InfinityEdge displays and therefore the smaller (but still there) bezels on the iPad Pro 2020. If the Surface Pro remains alleged to be an industry leader. It should appear as. If it is a tool released today not just like the model that came out last in 2015.

Potential sound: As we mentioned above, the patent of an amplifier within the kickstand is certainly appealing. The Surface Pro 7’s sound output doesn’t impress anyone. I really hope Microsoft can catch abreast of volume.

Included Keyboard and Pen: OK, so this is not happening. I would like to bring it up anyway because Microsoft markets the Surface Pro as a convertible but sells it as only a tablet. The sort of Cover keyboard is what makes the Surface Pro such a compelling product. 

Speedy SSD: The Surface Pro 8’s performance isn’t entirely up to Microsoft. The corporate will use the newest Intel or AMD CPU and hope it goes to work. Microsoft is employing a fast SSD within the Surface Pro, something it’s failed in recent years. To feature insult to injury, Microsoft charges an arm and a leg to expand the storage. For the Surface Pro 8, we would like to ascertain faster cheaper storage options (they exist, trust us)

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