Lenovo Tablet not Charging ( 4 Step Fixed) Charging Issue

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┬áMany Users have Complained about Why there is Lenovo Tablet not charging? I’ve many times tried charging it via USB cable and also using the power adapter supplied with it. The battery indicator shows full charge. Then, the screen remains black. What should I do?

Lenovo has released several tablets over the years, from basic budget models to high-end tablets. Some of these tablets come preloaded with Android OS, while others run Windows 8 or other operating systems.

There are two main reasons why your device might not charge. First, check whether the charger is plug in into the wall correctly. Second, try connecting the device to another computer to see the device’s charges. If neither of those options works, then you’ll need to contact Lenovo support. or You can try our showing method.

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How to fix Lenovo Tablet not Charging Manually

Step-1: Check the Hardware

The Lenovo tablet not charging solving the first check if have any hardware problems and checkout all hardware is working correctly.

Also, Check whether your device’s power cord has been good or damaged. if damaged should replace the power cord. A damaged charging cord will prevent form your Lenovo tablet from charging.

Step 2: Power Reset

The power reset approach works for many Lenovo tablet users prevent. They have faced the same problem when they plug in the charger but they look don’t charge.

How to do is reset the device:

  1. For 10 seconds Power button press and hold.
  2. Wait for the Lenovo tablet on vibration or the screen prompt.
  3. Then after you will see two options on the screen Power off and Restart Option Tap the Restart.
  4. if your device is unresponsive press the holding power button and waits for the tablet to restart.
  5. Release the power button when seeing the device boot screen.
  6. The power reset is now complete on your device.
  7. You can check to plug in the charger to see if your tablet is charging.

Step-3: Update Battery Driver

The Lenovo tablet not charging problem can be out of date and missing battery drive. You should check battery drive is missing or staying. if the Lenovo tablet battery driver missing do update the driver.

You can download the recent version battery driver from the Lenovo official website. Before downloading and installing the battery drive must be considered your tablet’s exact model number then download and install the driver on your tablet. Then you check device charging correctly. if not charging try to 4th method.

Step-4: Try to Wipe Cache Using Recovery Mode

You can try the partition cache recovery mode. To fix the battery not charging. Because sometimes the system cache can pose problems with battery charging. For reason, you can refresh the system cache.

How to Partition Cache recovery follow the below task:

  1. Firstly Power off your tablet
  2. Then Press the volume buttons and then hold the power button
  3. Leave pressing when showing the android logo as the system has entered recovery mode.
  4. Confirm wipe cache by selecting using the volume down key and then pressing the power button to will start the process.
  5. The system will clear the cache.
  6. The system wipes the cache then select the robot system now using the power button to restart the tablet.
  7. Restarts after checking to the battery charging issue has been fixed or not.

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We are discussing a proven method to fix the Lenovo tablet not charging issue fixed. if your device charging issue is not fixed you can contact the Lenovo support center or you can go near the mobile. tablet, laptop servicing center for fixing the Lenovo tablet not charging issue. because many times charging ports are damaged to replace the charging port.


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