2020 is an anxious year. If that anxiety manifests for you in worrying that your smartphone will run out of charge, you would possibly want to think about upgrading to the iPhone Pro 12 Max ($1,099 and up), an enormous serving platter of a handset with the longest battery life of any iPhone, ever. It is also the most important, heaviest iPhone so far, and one among the foremost expensive, which makes it hard to recommend over our Editors’ Choice award winners, the iPhone 12 Pro ($999 and up).

Apple phones hold their prices well, so as of March 2021, you’ll still more or less be watching those prices, albeit you go searching. Though because the year progresses we wouldn’t be surprised if some stores start offering slight discounts, especially during sale events.

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  • Big and bright  screen
  • Massive  Battery life
  • Impressive camera  performance


  • Very  large and heavy
  • Expensive

iPhone pro max 12 Specs

Operating SystemiOS 14
CPUApple A14
Dimensions6.33 by 3.07 by .29 inches
Screen Size6.7 Inches
Screen Resolution2,778 by 1,284 pixels
Rear, Front Facing (Camera)12MP, 12MP, 12MP; 12MP
Battery Life15 Hours 10 Munites ( User Experience )

iPhone pro12 max in all

Apple has brought big phones for the last few years now, but the 12 Pro Max is even bigger. At 6.33 by 3.07 by 0.29 inches (HWD) and eight .03 ounces, it’s slightly taller and heavier than the iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.22 by 3.06 by 0.32 inches, 7.97 ounces), and also bigger, taller, and heavier than the iPhone 11 XS Max (6.2 by 3.05 by 0.3 inches, 7.34 ounces). Just like the 12 Pro, the professional Max comes in your choice of navy, gold, gray, or silver, with a matte back and a shiny metal band around the edge.

The 12 Pro Max is not the biggest popular flagship on the market, but it’d be the heaviest. For starters, it is quite 3.2 ounces heavier than the small brother iPhone 12 mini. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is taller and bigger at 6.49 by 3.04 by 0.32 inches, but lighter at 7.34 ounces. And it said that the Note 20 Ultra has real differentiators from Samsung’s other phones in terms of stylus and camera performance. The professional 12 pro-Max just isn’t far enough from the 12 Pro in terms of power performance to justify the chunk.

 One thing you get from the grand size is instantly evident: a 6.7-inch OLED screen. It’s quite larger than the display on the opposite iPhones and slightly taller than the one on the iPhone 12 and 12 mini, at 800 maximum units versus 625 for the lower-cost devices. All of the phones are quite usable in heavy sunlight.

iPhone pro 12 max review

iPhone pro 12 max Price

I use the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as my primary work camera, also on test 5G bandwidth, so I’ve had my hands on enormous phone tons recently. Big phones are great for tired eyes and awful for tired hands at using them for long. Text and icons on the 12 Pro Max’s screen are often bigger than on other iPhones, or they will be an equivalent size and provide you added land. The phone’s 2,778-by-1,284 resolution has over 200 vertical pixels, quite the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, which makes for a further readable headline on NYTimes.com, or a couple of more lines of a PDF.

But it is difficult to use one hand. My thumb doesn’t reach across the screen, regardless of how I position the phone. This creates a substantial problem when trying to require pictures with one hand if I would like to use tap-to-focus because there are just no thanks to reaching the entire screen to tap. The phone fills up the pocket of my jeans entirely, and it’s really heavy but quite comfortable. It seems like a strong tool, to make certain, but it doesn’t desire a handheld device.

iPhone pro12 max Design

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is big. It’s the most important iPhone that Apple’s ever made, if only by a couple of millimeters. However, because it also has the new squared edges of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max, aping the brutal, industrial design of the new iPad Pro range, it feels larger within the hand.

That’s to not say this is often a nasty thing – if you’re not buying the 12 Pro Max because you would like a huge iPhone, then you’re quite missing the purpose.

Those angular edges mean the phone isn’t as comfortable to carry because of the more rounded iPhone 11 Pro Max, the curved sides on which folded more softly into the palm.

iPhone pro 12 max Design

One of the key characteristics of the professional Max this year is that the more ‘mature’ colors it comes in – the surface may be a shiny chrome steel band, and this, the front accent, and therefore the rear of the phone now are available Graphite, Gold, Silver, and Pacific Blue.

That shiny outer rim looks fancy, but it’s also a magnet for fingerprints – prepare to shine it a good bit if you would like to stay it looking new and premium.

Given the worth tag, you’d expect an expensive-looking phone, and therefore the iPhone 12 Pro Max definitely looks the part, especially within the Gold color we reviewed.

Essentially, the planning of the 12 Pro Max is simply a bigger version of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, and despite the dimensions, it still fits well within the hand, and it is easy to hit the Siri / screen lock button on the left and therefore the volume keys on the proper.

iPhone pro 12 max Price Comparison

 But, the three-camera setup on the rear of the 12 Pro Max protrudes much further than on the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, as there’s a bigger sensor and big camera bump underneath to tug in additional light  

 This suggests that when you’re putting the iPhone 12 Pro Max down on a table, it really rocks from side to side if you’re tapping away on the screen – it’s quite funny to play absentmindedly, such is the protrusion. It’s really noticeable and can make most people believe putting a case on the iPhone only flatten off the bump.

As mentioned, this is often the most important iPhone Apple has ever made, with dimensions of 160.8mm x 78.1mm x 7.4mm, and despite being thinner than last year’s 11 Pro Max, it actually feels slightly larger within the hand, because of the square edges.

Be ready for something which may annoy you before you buy: Apple has dropped the charging block and Earpods from the box. You’re now just getting a charging cable at purchase – and it’s USB-C to Lightning, instead of the quality USB-A to Lightning cable that Apple’s been fixing boxes for years.

The USB-C cable does charge the iPhone more quickly – but you’ll get to leave and buy a charging block at $19 / £19 / AU$29 from Apple to use it.

It makes no sense for Apple to try to do this – it says it’s making this move to scale back electronic waste, as everyone has got to charge blocks and headphones already, but while that’s true barely anyone will have the proper block to permit them to use this new cable – it might have made much more sense to try to do this when Apple had been supplying this charging lead for a couple of years.

iPhone pro 12 max  design

If you do not have the proper block, or if you’ve never owned an iPhone before, you’ll get to think about the value of a replacement charging block on top of the already-high tag of the 12 Pro Max.

The key takeaway: if you would like an enormous iPhone and every one the advantages that bring, then you’ll enjoy the planning of this bigger model – but you certainly won’t be ready to reach all around the screen together with your thumb.

iPhone pro 12 max Display

 iPhones have long been consummated picture performers and, as we play It from the Apple TV app, it immediately becomes clear that the 12 Pro Max doesn’t buck the trend. This Dolby Vision film is streamed in strikingly cinematic fashion, with deep blacks, super-crisp edges, and oodles of detail. But it’s not a night-and-day improvement, not so good and it performs like the iPhone 12 Pro max. You appreciate the additional 0.2in quite you would possibly expect, and there’s a small increase in color vibrancy, but this is often an identical presentation overall.

However, the very fact that the quality iPhone 12 is that the first of its kind with an OLED screen presents something of a problem. Playing Lost In Space on Netflix, we will see that the gap between the quality and Pro models has never been narrower. the professional Max features a larger screen, making for a way more cinematic experience, but the quality iPhone 12 delivers a more crisply defined image, thanks to its more compact dimensions. All things being equal, we’d choose the 12 Pro Max’s viewing experience, but the additional cost is tough to justify on picture performance alone.

iPhone pro 12 max display

It’s also interesting to match the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the Award-winning OnePlus 9 Pro, which features a 21:9 display that creates for a much bigger and more authentically cinematic presentation with the proper material. Playing Dredd from Netflix (in Full HD and SDR), Sony also proves to be the punchier, more vibrant, and sharper performer, also as having a more neutral color balance. If you’re hospitable the thought of switching to Android, the Xperia 1 II is worth trying out.

iPhone Pro 12 Max Camera

The most important reason to upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro Max sits on the rear of the phone: it is the camera array. Three 12MP cameras live here – standard wide, ultra-wide, and therefore the 2.5x telephoto zoom – and they’ve been upgraded from last year too, with Night Mode available for the ultra-wide sensor also because of the main shooter.

While you would possibly think there’s not much difference between the 12 Pro Max and therefore the 12 Pro, Apple has begun to form the professional Max selection if you would like to possess the simplest camera experience on an iPhone.

iPhone 12 Series Deals

It achieves that wholly with the large new iPhone. The sensor is greater inside (thanks to the larger dimensions) which leads to a camera that will absorb more light and take brighter, clearer pictures, one that when again nibbles away at the explanations you would possibly need to have a separate camera.

If you would like to require the simplest pictures with an iPhone, you cannot look anywhere else but the 12 Pro Max.

iPhone pro 12 max Review (Camera)

Apple has been making an enormous deal about ‘computational photography’, with the chipset inside the iPhone 12 range intelligent enough to understand what it’s watching and alters the resulting image accordingly. Deep Fusion, which debuted last year on Apple’s iPhones, analyses images pixel by pixel to make the simplest possible result post-capture.

The new Smart HDR 3 capability looks for various scenes when the photo is taken, grabbing multiple exposures and stitching them together intelligently to offer you the simplest picture, while Night mode, which needs you to stay on the phone still for a varying amount of your time (depending on the conditions) can turn a dark, gloomy setting into an upscale and vibrant scene.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Review (Camera)

 There’s clearly an upgrade over the iPhone 11 Pro Max for several years, especially in low light. Cropping in on those images taken in darker scenes shows that there is less noise, and therefore the overall picture looks more vibrant.

Smart HDR this year finds more elements of the image to enhance and enhance, and as a result, we took multiple pictures that we’d be pleased to place on the wall, with or without editing – that’s always an honest sign. 

iPhone 12 Series Price Comparison

We spent hours taking pictures with the iPhone 12 Pro Max alongside the iPhone 12 Pro and therefore the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and a few things became really clear during that comparison.

First, the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s larger sensor certainly allows more light compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and therefore the vibrancy, clarity, and detail in every photo may be a real breakthrough. 

iPhone pro 12 max Review (Camera)

There’s no doubt that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best camera that Apple has ever placed on one among its smartphones, but the space between it and therefore the standard 12 Pro isn’t as pronounced as we expected. We did get the simplest snaps on test from the professional Max, with brighter and more colorful pictures appearing, but it also shows that computational photography may be a huge part of the method here – which power is present on the 12 Pro and Pro Max in equal measure.

iPhone Pro 12 Max Performance

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most powerful iPhone we’ve tested – it scored the simplest in our benchmarks to corroborate our experience. The iPhone 12’s A14 Bionic chipset is already market-leading when it involves a smartphone CPU, therefore the 12 Pro Max is arguably the foremost powerful on the market.

It’s a really close contest between it and therefore the regular Pro, with both packing 6GB of RAM and an upgraded GPU, so you’d expect this device to smash every benchmark when it involves multitasking and gaming.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Review (Performance)

It’s important to seem beyond the raw numbers though because it’s how it performs day to day that matters – but most flagship smartphones are capable of handling nearly any app you throw at them lately.

The blistering performance we found within the iPhone 12 Pro Max is that the quiet performance one would expect from a phone at this price range, and given the range of apps that now run on the iPhone, from editing media to high-quality gaming, the power to perform in any scenario is vital – and we’ve not seen any evidence of a slowdown in our testing.

iPhone Pro 12 Max Battery life

If you would like the iPhone with the simplest battery life, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the one to travel for. The larger size means it’s got the additional capacity to play with, and it leads to the simplest performance we’ve seen on the iPhone 12 range.

Generally, battery life is sort of on the brink of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which we’ve been using for the last year, buttons will depend upon whether you’re using it daily in and out of the 5G range or sitting more sedately ahead of a desk reception.

Constant 5G connections weren’t actually something we could test regularly on the new iPhone, partly thanks to being currently in lockdown. But like on the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, we did find some drop-off within the performance of the battery life when using 5G speeds – we saw that a 26-minute YouTube test on 5G took 7% of the battery, where an equivalent test in 4G areas hit only 3% of the battery life.

iPhone pro 12 max Review (Battery)

This is hardly the foremost scientific of tests though, and was right down to not having the ability to spend long during a 5G spot thanks to the present conditions – we’ll be giving it a more thorough test soon. However, the findings that 5G is more costly to battery life seem to be appearing on the 12 Pro Max as on other iPhones.

iPhone 12 Series Price Comparison

Apple will throttle your 5G speeds sometimes when it thinks you don’t need it, and mostly when you’re indirectly using the phone in your hand (for streaming audio or updating apps, for example) so as to save lots of battery. However, this may still display a 5G check in the device when this is often happening – so you won’t remember when it’s being purposely slowed to save lots of battery.

The biggest issue we had on the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, with their smaller batteries, was that they might sometimes struggle to last until the top of the day, especially when not connected to Wi-Fi. The iPhone 12 Pro Max doesn’t have that very same issue, even when getting used to more resource-intensive tasks.

iPhone pro 12 max Review (Battery)

When we tried our hardest to run the battery down so we could conduct our charging test, we struggled to urge it down that quickly. Copious amounts of Spotify, some streaming of 4K HDR content on YouTube, regular web browsing, etc still took us until 7:30 PM to urge us to temperature – which was purposely hammering the battery intermittently through the day.

In more regular conditions in mixed Wi-Fi and 4G areas, with some camera use, Spotify on a 90-minute run, and a few YouTube testing, we found that we lost 60% of the battery during a 20-hour period. That’s a pleasant and slow descent and keep with previous Plus / Max iPhone performance, we’ve seen over the years.

iPhone 12 Series Price Comparison

If you are doing concede to the unfair push from Apple and leave and buy the 20W charger, you’ll get some speedy charging times, as our charge-up test found.

We plugged it in from dead, and we saw the iPhone 12 Pro Max hit 48% battery life in half-hour, which is merely 2% but Apple is saying (and ours was still connected to an Apple Watch at an equivalent time, which might mitigate that finding). The charging speed then slowed rather dramatically, with the ultimate 20% taking an extended time to finish.

iPhone pro 12 max Review (Battery Life)

Apple says that the iPhone will learn your charging habits over time and can apply the last little bit of juice when it thinks the time is true, to save lots of the health of the battery, but it means if you would like to urge the maximum amount power in as possible before an evening out or the commute home, you’ll be a touch limited initially.

Overall, while the battery lifetime of the iPhone 12 Pro Max isn’t perhaps as strong as iPhone models from previous years (and many rumors suggest that the battery inside the new Pro Max is smaller than last year’s model, so as to suit within the 5G modem) it’s definitely the simplest of all the new iPhones, and if that matters to you, and you’ll handle the dimensions of this model, you ought to choose the 12 Pro Max as your next device.

Buy Is the iPhone 12 pro worthy to you?

I come to the present review with a robust bias. If you have been reading my phone reviews for the past 15 years, first of all, thank you, and second of all, you recognize I’ve never been a lover of very large phones. I prefer my phones to be usable one-handed, call at the planet, while my other hand is holding a child’s hand or a sack. For an exceedingly large, super-expensive phone to urge my pick, it really must deliver groundbreaking features, just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra does with its stylus and 5x zoom camera.

iPhone pro 12 max  review

iPhone 12 Price List

The iPhone 12 Pro Max doesn’t get there on my behalf. It costs $100 quite the iPhone 12 Pro, and it’s less portable and straightforward to carry. Yes, it’s really long battery life, except for an equivalent price you’ll get an iPhone that really fits in your hand and a supplementary battery to stay in your bag or your car. I find a stronger argument for the professional Max for people that have very large hands and fingers, or people that have visual issues and find larger text and icons more usable. There’s nothing wrong with the iPhone 12 Pro Max;  it is like an all-rounder phone.

Of this year’s four new iPhones, I like to recommend the iPhone 12 mini (which costs $400 but this phone) because the best overall value and therefore the iPhone 12 Pro for people that see the 2x zoom camera as a requirement. But if battery anxiety leads you to the present half-pound phone, do whatever helps you get through this very stressful year.