The iPhone 13 isn’t required to show up until this fall. However, bits of gossip about what Apple has for us are showing up constantly. and that has given us a reasonably good idea about what to expect from the new iPhone.

From all that we’ve heard hitherto, the iPhone 13 is going to supply a 120Hz. LTPO Display on both Pro models the improved battery life on account of a more proficient 5G modem. Additionally as generous moves up to the extremely significant cameras. That has a LiDAR sensor on cheaper iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, also as a replacement portrait video mode.

As for the planning, we’ve heard that the notch will shrink on every new iPhone model. Other rumors have suggested that a minimum of one version of the iPhone 13. May accompany a very port-less design (though that prediction is looking shaky). We could finally see an always-on display too. Based on all the rumors and leaks out there already. Here’s everything we all know about the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S Specs

Operating SystemiOS v14
Processor Apple A14 Bionic
DisplayApple A14 Bionic 6.2 inches (15.75 cm)
Storage128 GB
Sim SlotsDual SIM, GSM+GSM
Front Camera13 MP
Rear Camera13 MP+13 MP
Battery3285 mAh
NetworkDual 5G support

iPhone 13 Price and Release Date

When will you be ready to buy a replacement iPhone for yourself? We expect the iPhone 13 release date to be set for September 2021. But which will be subject to vary given the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the last 10 years, Apple has consistently introduced its flagship phones. On an occasion near the beginning of September and released the phones 10 days later. All that changed in 2020 thanks to the pandemic, and therefore. The phones were delayed beyond their usual window.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were launched back in October. Therefore the other two devices, the iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 12 Pro Max – were released in November. Reportedly thanks to a scarcity of parts for the manufacturing process.

iPhone 13

We’d normally expect Apple to stay there until the September window. But apparently, the 2020 delay resulted in increased sales for the phones. Which will mean Apple decides to stay to the present new window.

Another analyst has since said similar, with the iPhone 13 range apparently happening sale within the third week of September – meaning an announcement earlier within the month. However, one or more models won’t hit stores until October.

Expecting Date

If we are talking about the date, we’d expect Apple to maneuver its iPhone 13 release launch back to September 2021. Actually, a minimum of one well-respected Apple analyst agrees with us.

Before 2020, Apple has often announced its new iPhones on either the primary or second Tuesday of September.   If that happens again in 2021, we’d expect them to be launched on September 8 or September 13.

 Apple iPhone 13

September 7 seems early within the month for Apple to reveal them. But the corporation did use that date in 2016 to reveal the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. We’d then expect the iPhone 13 release date to be 10 days later, so either Citizenship Day or September 24.

The iPhone 13 range is seemingly on target for this September launch too. As we’ve elsewhere heard that its chipset will start shipping to Apple by the end of May. That’s actually supposedly before schedule because the goal was apparently for it to enter production by the top of May. That’s all minor because the iPhone 12’s didn’t enter production till late June of last year.

 Apple iPhone 13

Little is understood about the worth of the iPhone 13. But we’d expect it to be an identical level to the iPhone 12 family. Those handsets price quite the 2019 phones – the iPhone 11 series. But that’s because of the addition of 5G and also a couple of other technical elements.

We’ll make certain to take in more 2021 iPhone price leaks and rumors as we hear them. But below you’ll see the prices for the iPhone 12 series that were relatively confident are going to be almost like the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13: leaks and rumors

you’ll think with the iPhone 13 release date thus far within the distance that we wouldn’t know much about the next-gen phone. But a spread of sources has shown us some things to expect on subsequent iPhones.

First of all, we’re expecting that four members will be made of the iPhone 13 family. Those are likely to be – but this is not guaranteed – the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The company focused on three models until 2020 when it introduced the mini model because of the fourth handset within the iPhone 12 family. Most rumors suggest that’ll continue in 2021.

 Apple iPhone 13

If any model gets dropped it might probably be the mini because the iPhone 12 mini reportedly hasn’t sold well. But rumors suggest Apple will still make an iPhone 13 mini (though perhaps in situ of an iPhone SE 3). Below you will find the majority of the iPhone 13 rumors, split into different categories.

iPhone 13: Design

A spread of leaks and reports have the iPhone 13 tipped to return with a smaller display notch, after several generations of using an equivalent, somewhat bulky notch. 

Apple will apparently achieve this notch downsizing by combining the currently separated infrared flood illuminator, sensor, and dot projector. Which structure the iPhone 12’s Face ID unlocking system, into one module.  With two fewer sensors in need. We have to always see a way narrower notch on the iPhone 13.

A separate report from Digitizes says that the die size of the VCSEL chips utilized in the Face ID scanner will shrink by 40 to 50%. As a result, it will not be a smaller Face ID chip that could mean a smaller notch for the iPhone 13.

The earpiece speaker will not be housed within the notch, moving instead to the highest bezel, consistent with an iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy unit showing off the new design and smaller notch. Another iPhone 13 Pro dummy unit also shows a smaller notch upfront, using that very same design. Leaked glass screen protectors seemingly confirm the change.

 Apple iPhone 13

That iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy unit suggested this year’s phone is going to be slightly thicker than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Subsequent iPhone 13 schematics reveal what will be the case for all iPhone 13 models — they’re thicker than their iPhone 12 counterparts with larger camera arrays.

More Leaks

Another leak has revealed a group of images from Greek repair provider iRepair. Which apparently boasts the iPhone 13 during a trio of sizes with a smaller display notch. unlike the dummy units, the notch is notably more compact and appears to move the phone’s earpiece to the highest bezel instead of keeping it inside the notch. 

If you would like a far better idea of what a finished iPhone 13 might appear as if, a slew of renders has revealed it from every angle. The shots above are the results of a collaboration between case maker Pictou and leakers Leak’s and boast a (Product) RED edition of the iPhone 13.

 Apple iPhone 13

This gives us an honest check out a number of the likely features on the next-gen iPhone — including the smaller notch But also a possible change to the camera module, which might see the lenses stacked diagonally instead of vertically. 

A very similar-looking set of renders also arrived courtesy of 9TechEleven. These are supported leaks from MySmartPrice and 91mobiles and show the iPhone 13 sporting dual front cameras. Although we’re a touch dubious about whether which will actually happen.

LetsGoDigital also published some iPhone 13 renders — actually labeled because of the iPhone 12s Pro — that boast Apple’s phone with a smaller notch and slightly ID sensor under the phone’s display.

we’ve heard that

Speaking of which, there has been a clutch of leaks and rumors pointing toward the iPhone 13 getting an under-display combat Touch ID. There’s still some doubt bubbling around that this may be the case. Though a leaker recently suggested that Touch ID are going to be included and support a redesigned center in iOS 15 that hints at the feature. At a time when mask-wearing is prolific, having a secondary sort of biometric security would be very welcome.

 Apple iPhone 13

Potentially, the most important change we’d see with the iPhone 13 is that one model would feature a portless design. By dropping the Lightning port and choosing charging and data transfer to be administered wirelessly. However, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo questioned this chance, saying that there’ll not be a port less iPhone 13: “as of now. The MagSafe ecosystem item isn’t adequately experienced, hence the iPhone will still use the Lightning port within the foreseeable future.”

iPhone 13: Display

The iPhone 13 series are likely getting to sport flexible OLED displays, rather than LCD. There also are expectations for the iPhone 13’s displays to possess a super-smooth 120Hz refresh rate (similar to Promotion on the iPad Pro). Which wasn’t present on the iPhone 12 series reportedly thanks to battery life concerns.

A December 2020 leak also exposed that the iPhone 13 may finally get an Always-On display feature. LTPO always-on display was also later re-confirmed during a February 2021 report by tipsters Max Weinbach and Jon Prosser. The always-on display feature will have minimal customizability. it’ll display a clock, alongside battery charge. While notifications are reportedly “displayed employing a bar and icons”.

For the iPhone Pro and Pro Max models, it’s expected that the displays are going to be provided by none aside from Samsung. And indeed, in late March of 2021, 120Hz LTPO displays from Samsung were meant for the iPhone 13. That was reportedly close to entering production, consistent with UBI Research.

 Apple iPhone 13

As for display sizes, consistent with early iPhone 13 rumors, we will expect that the iPhone 13 series will include phones with display sizes on the brink of what the iPhone 12 series have, if not slightly larger.

iPhone 13: Camera

As for the camera, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – who is usually right about Apple information. He has suggested the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max’s ultra-wide camera could also be bumped to an f/1.8, six-element lens from the present f/2.4. And also a five-element lens on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

Kuo has since followed this up with a note suggesting. That Sunny Optical looks to be in a position to provide this lens (which he now says might go up to seven elements). Having a corporation with the potential to create it means it’s more likely to happen.

We’ve also heard an equivalent change in aperture from analysts at Barclays. Though they claim this upgrade will come to all or any four iPhone 13 models. This could leave the better low-light performance. Though potentially also a shallower depth of field Which may be less desirable within the landscape shots ultra-wide cameras typically shine at.

iPhone 13

The Barclays analyst note also mentioned that the iPhone 13 Pro could get an equivalent telephoto snapper because the iPhone 12 Pro Max, allowing 2.5x optical zoom, up from 2x on its predecessor.

Analysts has suggested

Kuo meanwhile has said the telephoto camera will get an identical six-element upgrade to the ultra-wide one, a minimum of on the “high-end” models.

As for most cameras, Kuo also has news that, claiming that on the iPhone 13 Pro Max it’ll be switched to an f/1.5 aperture (from f/1.6 on current models). This could improve low light performance and therefore. The bokeh effect for portrait shots. But it is a change that apparently won’t be coming to the remainder of the iPhone 13 range.

There also are reports that Apple is looking into adding a periscope camera to a future iPhone. This is able to leave a greater zoom range than current models. And maybe up to 10x optical zoom potentially without making. The camera elements are thicker. However, adopted rumors this won’t happen until the iPhone 14 or a good later device. Kuo says to not expect it until 2023.

A Research Report

A report has also suggested that each one of four iPhone 13 models might get a LiDAR scanner. Instead of just the professional models having it as on the iPhone 12 range. An equivalent site has since reiterated that claim quite once. But until we hear it from other sources we’d take it with a pinch of salt.

The same source has also said that each one of four iPhone 13 models will get sensor-shift OIS (optical image stabilization). This might be an upgrade for the professional Max. which already has that, while the 2 Pro models will get a bigger main lens. Another rumor suggests that sensor-shift OIS and autofocus are going to be added to the ultra-wide cameras. Within the new phones but potentially only the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models.

Little else has been rumored specifically around the camera. But we’d expect Apple to specialize in this as a key area to differentiate. The handsets from the iPhone 12 family.

We’ve also heard rumors about potential redesigns of the 2 rear cameras on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Rather than being aligned vertically, they’ll be rearranged diagonally. 

iPhone 13 camera

Info from inside sources was converted into CAD models. Then refined into proper 3D renders mocked up to seem like current iPhones. These showed the rumored smaller notch, but also the diagonal cameras. Finally, a purported photo (above) of an iPhone 13 mini prototype was uploaded to Weibo. Showing what the ultimate phone might appear as if.

Apple iPhone 13 Others Leaks

One source (leaker Jon Prosser) has also suggested that 2021. Maybe once we see the introduction of 1TB iPhones. That’s a storage size the corporate hasn’t experimented with yet. A minimum of for its smartphones, and we’d expect. It to be an option on the phone’s costliest Pro smartphone.

There have also been rumors of a portless iPhone debuting in 2021. it’s going to be the corporate only has one handset that does this. But it might mean it’ll only use wireless charging. It is a claim that we’ve heard from a variety of sources. But most suggest that just one model (most likely the iPhone 13 Pro Max) will go portless. Apple is seemingly trying to work out how a portless iPhone might be reset too.

On the battery front meanwhile, we’ve heard that from analysts that the iPhone 13 might switch to soft board technology. Which could leave practically smaller batteries without reducing the capacity.

iPhone 13
Apple Analyst KUO Report

In fact, Kuo has since said that the iPhone 13 may need a better capacity battery than the iPhone 12. Apple Analyst Kuo has repeated that claim again saying Apple is experimenting with a “space-saving design” so he seems certain that this is often an improvement we’ll be seeing later within the year.

There’s also an Apple patent that talks about a few ‘protective charging’ modes, which might stop you from overcharging the phone albeit you allow it plugged for certain long periods (such as overnight). However, patents don’t always get used, so don’t calculate this.

Performance should be boosted because it normally is per annum. But we’ve heard talk that advanced vapor chamber cooling goes to be deployed within the iPhone 13 – though. If it isn’t ready this year, we’d need to wait until the iPhone 14 to ascertain it.

We’ve also heard that the A15 chipset expected to power the iPhone 13 range will enter production by the top of May. The source of this report also says that it is a 5nm chipset. Which is that the same size as the A14, possibly meaning the improvements here won’t be massive.

iPhone 13 leaks

Expect Another Feature

Another feature has also now said that the iPhone 13 will have a 5nm chipset. And also with 3nm expected for the iPhone 14.

Expect 5G support to continue in 2021 iPhones in fact. But it’s expected the joint is going to be switching to either mmWave or sub-6 devices accepting it to save lots of money.

That essentially means if mmWave technology isn’t available in your country. You will only be ready to buy the sub-6 version. Apple included both versions of the 5G technology on the iPhone 12. Which saw the worth of the smartphone rise remarkably within the US especially.

However, a source suggests that mmWave models will at a minimum be more. Widely available than they were with the iPhone 12 range with both. The United Kingdom and Australia (among other places) potentially getting them.

Staying with wireless technologies, we’ve also been led to know that the iPhone 13 goes backpacking. Some Wi-Fi 6E connectivity for a good faster link to the online and therefore the cloud.

iPhone 13 leaks

This was first predicted by analysts and they’ve since said an equivalent again with more. Certainty, even naming the apparent suppliers of the Wi-Fi 6E tech.

Finally, an Apple patent details a system allowing an iPhone to trace your gaze. So, it can see what a part of a document you’re reading and obscure the opposite parts, by swapping or rearranging the letters in words.

This would mean you’ll read sensitive documents publicly without much risk of snoopers. However, we’re not convinced this may make it to the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 charging

The iPhone 12 maxes out at 20W charging, and that we haven’t yet heard any rumors about the charging speed for this year. However, we’ve heard some bad news. consistent with Bloomberg, the iPhone 13 likely won’t include reverse wireless charging, which might have allowed the iPhone to charge devices just like the AirPods Pro and Apple Watch.

iPhone 13

A new patent has also published an iPhone-compatible version of the first-class MacBook Pro MagSafe charger. If implemented this technique would replace the Lightning port with a replacement charging system held in situ by magnets. meaning you’ll charge wirelessly, while still benefiting from the safety of a cable that will break free when it’s knocked or tripped.

Battery Life

The iPhone 12 range doesn’t have far better battery life than the iPhone 11 series, so we’d wish to see Apple put more attention on battery life in the future.

Nowhere is that this is more true than on the iPhone 12 mini, which has the worst battery lifetime of the whole family. It’s okay enough to deal with on a day-to-day basis, but we’d wish to see Apple plan to improve battery life further.

iPhone 13 expecting more features

Each new iPhone brings a replacement version of iOS with its launch. This year, which will be iOS 15, which we currently do not know an enormous amount about. All we will be fairly certain of is that it’ll first be revealed at WWDC 21 in June then launch with the iPhone in September.

One feature we’d like to see, which recently appeared in an Apple patent, is predictive charging notifications. this technique would learn your phone usage and charging habits, very similar to what Optimized Charging does already, on the other hand, warn you to charge it up before you drain the battery too far, while you are still in the right place to plug it in.