gaomon PD1610 2.5 k pen

Gaomon PD1610 2.5 k pen Features and Specs

Gaomon PD1610 2.5 k is an excellent drawing tablet that gives you a pen-paper drawing experience is an affordable price. The GAOMON is a 16-inch pen display best drawing tablet for talented younger artists to their creative juice more conveniently.

I am Today discussing the Gaomon PD1610 2.5 k pen. The PD1610 2.5 k pen is a very well-made pen display drawing tablet. You feel very solid in the hand. The pen has a nice weight to it and it is balanced very well.

Gaomon PD1610 2.5 k Pen Specification

Dimensions1692 by 10.62 by 0.45 inch
Active working area13.58 by 8.48 inch
ResolutionQHD+ 2560 to 1600
Color Gamut120% RGBs
KeysCustomizable 8 Touch keys
PenAP51 Battery-Free Electromagnetic
Pen pressure sensitivityLevels of 8192
Pen Resolution5080LPI
Response Time26ms
Tilt60 degrees
Video interfaceDual Type-C, HDMI cable
Operating system compatibilityWindows, macOS, and Android devices.

Gaomon PD1610 2.5 k pen pressure sensitivity level of 8192 it gives an extraordinary drawing experience and also has a tilt 60 degrees view we look at a maximum highly pricey drawing tablet but Gaomon PD1610 is included a tilt. tilting the pen is a shade like a real pencil this pen is more stable when you start drawing it will hardly wobble.

The Pen AP51 is a battery-free digital artist pen the device doesn’t need charging. it is the perfect digital pen for long work sessions which features worry-free artists for charging. and it will give you a better experience and feel more comfortable during drawing time.

Gaomon PD1610 2.5 k pen
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The Gaomon uses the latest technology reducing the gap and has a 3.5 mm magnetic core, this has a more efficient pen stroked and gets a more consistent drawing experience.

The AP51 comes with 60 degrees tilt recognition and rotation sensing is very convenient for attribute artist tools. Really, it can Traditionally digitally render brash for art tools. it makes outstanding sketches, airbrushes, and paintbrushes experience. 

Gaomon PD1610 2.5 k Pen Display

The Device comes with an Excellent  2.5 QHD Display its screen resolution is 2560 by 1600 QHD. The Gaomon PD1610 is a drawing screen tablet you get a more realistic art world.

It is more impressive it has a better resolution screen and a big screen features a good active working area aspect ratio is 16:10 with a more vertical screen with no obstruction.

GAOMON PD1610 Allows wider viewing specs for the artist to feel more comfortable without Zooming out and smooth scrolling.

It has also 120% RGBs that give color reproduction and assure natural color transition and deliver accurate results. Your Art looks natural and more attractive.

The affordable drawing tablet allows a larger screen of 15.6″ 120% RGBs with more vibrant great pictures and excellent color gamut at the 1.07 billion  (8bit+HI-FRC) colors can be revealed out more striking image effects. It will give you smoother gradation and natural color translation and a visual vivid experience.

The tablet features Full lamination technology and bubbles inside the screen eliminate. The Gaomon best drawing tablet comes with full laminated anti-glare glass protection for eyes to block surrounding and light reflection irritation and prevent eye strain while used outdoors or indoors. 

The Screen has also a delicate matte texture to give a natural pen-on-paper experience when drawing on GAOMON Drawing tablet. The Artist tablet’s 178 degrees ultra-wide viewing angle makes an immersive vivid visual experience with the freedom to express the beauty of the art world and many inspiration become. the device makes more experience for extraordinary art creation.  


The 16-inch drawing tablet perfect option for fun and loving people. It has dual Type-C ports and an HDMI port that help to connect desktops, android phones, iPad, Windows tablets, and laptops See how to look at your art. you can easy to connect using a USB Cable on another device. Furthermore, it makes more atmosphere musical as a rhythmic accompaniment with the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Apps Compatibility

The PD1610 2.5 k pen is compatibility very consistent in editing, drawing, and design and uses established design and drawing apps such as adobe photoshop and illustrator.

Its features are perfect for tablets iPad, Android, and windows. This allows him more convenience in his work is it for personal entertainment or office work.


The Gaomon PD1610 2.5 k Pen comes with 8 customizable touch keys on the device’s left side. The keys are incorporated with screen surface glass. The touch key is very handy and it’s improving drawing efficiency and easy to workflow and feel much more comfortable drawing time. The device’s weight is 1500 Gm easy to carry anywhere and it makes a more stylish aluminum alloy back case.

The Gaomon PD1610 has an 11.5 mm thick pad and a 16-inch excellent pen display in metallic silver color looks more stylish and trendy and 2560 to 1600 screen resolution give expected to make more sensation sketch, design, and drawing among the young talented artist for unlimited possibilities of digital creation.

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