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Dimensions21 x 18 x 18cm
Voice AssistantAmazon Alexa

Amazon Echo Studio Deals

 it’s going to have popularized the concept of the voice-activated smart speaker. But the mostly-excellent Amazon Echo Studio Review line has faced one consistent criticism – that its audio capabilities are merely average. The Amazon Echo Studio aims to vary all that. our full Amazon Echo Studio review.

With competition from Sonos and Apple within the higher-end of the smart speaker space. The Echo Studio looks to swing the balance back in Amazon’s favor when it involves audio quality making it. One of the best smart speakers you’ll buy today. 

Boasting ambitious audio credentials that comprise support for 3D audio mixes and Dolby Atmos home cinema soundtracks – at a price. The warfare will struggle to fight against with – the Amazon Echo Studio comes tantalizingly on the brink of achieving those goals. 

While the effectiveness of 3D audio is probably going to divide opinion, especially that of purists raised on stereo mixes of their favorite tracks. The Amazon Echo Studio is one of the foremost powerful speakers. You will find it for under $200 and that is before considering all its voice-activated Alexa smart capabilities.

Will the Amazon Echo Studio manage to convert audiophiles. Where other Echo speakers have failed? Read on to seek out.

Amazon Echo Studio Review: Design

The Echo Studio continues an equivalent design language of previous Echo speakers. Being cylindrical in shape and covered with a charcoal-colored fabric mesh. It’s greatly larger than any previous Echo and manages to midget the Sonos One and Apple Home Pod.

Its beefed-up appearance helps to pack in 330W of power driving two 5cm midrange speakers positioned left and right a 25mm forward-firing center tweeter, and a 5cm upward-firing midrange speaker. Bass is taken care of by a downward-firing 5.25in the bass driver.

There are volume buttons on the highest alongside a mic mute and Alexa-wake button. And yes, the blue ring of sunshine remains so you recognize when Alexa is listening.

Amazon Echo Studio Review

The position of the drivers allows the Echo Studio to use a replacement feature of the Amazon Music HD service. It’s the library of ‘hundreds’ of songs available in Dolby Atmos Music. Which sees the audio format wont to mix tracks with greater control over different elements and therefore the positioning of various elements within the sound field. 

Elsewhere, the Studio has all the standard features of Echo devices. You’ll set timers reminders and alarms to control smart home devices play music get facts and trivia all by asking questions or barking orders at Alexa.

Echo Studio Fire on Alexa

Fire up the Echo Studio for the primary time and Alexa will tune its sound for your room’s acoustics by firing out the variety of various test tones and reacting to its readings. The entire process doesn’t last longer than a couple of seconds but you’ll get to recalibrate the speaker. if you progress it around.

Amazon Echo Studio Review

You can access tone controls through the Alexa app for Android and iOS plus change volume manually and pair another. Echo Studio or manage and group the other Echo speakers you own.

 Amazon has also added flexibility into the Echo Studio. you’ll wirelessly connect one or two of the speakers with either a fireplace TV Cube (1st or 2nd Gen). Fire TV Stick 4K or Fire TV (3rd Gen) to make a Dolby Atmos home theater set-up. It isn’t 5.1 surround sound but hooking up a stereo pair presents an honest opportunity to upgrade the audio beginning of your TV.

Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group are offering tracks within the Dolby Atmos Music format. While there’s also a rival format within the shape of Sony’s 360 Reality Audio. Which is additionally supported by the Amazon Echo Studio.

Amazon Echo Studio Review: Performance

Getting directional audio to figure and be immersive is difficult. Doing it from a single-speaker source is even tougher.

It’s not without its faults, but we were pleasantly surprised with the standard of the Echo Studio’s sonic performance. It’s a strong speaker absolutely booming with bass force and overall volume. And simply the best-sounding Echo speaker so far. 

A commitment to more robust drivers, and has strived to capture the eye of a more discerning ear. Amazon features a speaker that easily stands alongside higher-end smart speaker setups. Finally, Amazon features a speaker which will truly rock a celebration.

But is 3D audio a part of the equation? That’s an assortment.

3D audio, consisting of a “growing library” of specially-mixed tracks (said to the number within the thousands) may be a feature exclusive too. Echo Studio users who check-in for the company’s new Amazon Music HD streaming service. Because the name suggests, it offers Hi-Res Audio versions of the bulk of its catalog. Alongside the 3D audio mixes something that rivals like Spotify currently can’t compete with. Note that in 2020 Tidal also will offer 3D audio tracks through the Echo Studio.

Amazon Echo Studio Review

Amazon Music

So, if you request a song on the Echo Studio and happen to be an Amazon Music HD subscriber. Alexa will pull during a version of the track within the following order of preference where available 3D audio Hi-resolution standard resolution. if you’re on the fence about giving the service a go a Best of 3D Music taster playlist is out there for all or any to concentrate on offering about 20 tracks.

We’ve listened to the Echo Studio in different situations spaces and locations since. Its announcement from a fleeting short listen at Amazon’s HQ in Seattle to a press event in London to the present extended review period reception. And every time we’ve come to an equivalent conclusion – for a few songs a 3D mix is breathtaking but with others, it just sounds confusing.

When we first approached the Echo Studio at Amazon’s press briefing in Seattle. We were treated to 3D audio mixes of Elton John’s Rocket Man and Gregory Porter’s ‘Mona Lisa’. Both showed a stimulating challenge the Echo Studio faces the combination of the song is going to be incredibly important to the audio performance of 360 tracks.

Sense of Space

Rocket Man sounded great, but its sense of space was a touch muted. But when Porter’s ‘Mona Lisa’ kicked into gear. It had been spine-tingling As its orchestration swelled. The sense of space was welcomingly overwhelming. It felt as if we were taking note of the song in an actual hall with an outstanding sense of depth and height.

Similarly, ‘Rey’s Theme’ from Star Wars, as performed by Anne-Sophie Mutter showed what’s possible with an excellent 3D mix. The soundstage feels gigantic with defined separation between all elements of the orchestration. And Also a way of being wrapped within the sound coming from the speaker. Kool and therefore the Gang’s ‘Celebration’ similarly impressed – lead vocals sit within the fore backing vocals seem to be coming from higher within the room. Also, piano notes within the background a touch cocoon of scratchy funk guitar all around. It’s energetic in a whole new way.

Amazon Echo Studio Review
But then….

you jump to something a touch crunchier, just like the Killers ‘When You Were Young”, and it feels a touch messy again. Bass can boom and overpower, guitars noodle aimlessly and uncomfortably in and out of focus. For the record, this is often a track we’re big fans of, and know all right. It’s almost a criticism of knowing what we’d want to listen to from a 3D mix, and not having had that delivered. And Also, the way jarring which will feel.

Of course, only a fraction of songs are mixed this manner, and where a native 3D audio track isn’t available, the Studio is additionally capable of doing a touch little bit of post-mixing wizardry to feature height to stereo mixes. 

At present, this seems to get on by default, with no means to modify it off within the Alexa app – though we have seen it done on test apps behind closed doors at Amazon. 

But from our brief listening session at Amazon HQ, we’re pleased to report that regular stereo tracks sound great too. Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name was wonderfully punchy on the low end, with a transparent vocal cutting through and an honest sense of separation from the top-end instruments.

Amazon Echo Studio Review: Sound Quality

Producing immersive, directional audio is usually getting to be difficult. But doing it from one speaker source is even tougher. So how does it fare?

We begin with a few tracks designed to showcase the Echo Studio’s handling of 3D audio.  Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings played through Amazon Music. HD is presented with level and space elevating the lead and background vocals.

It’s an open, airy offering that suits the 3D environment well. The speaker sits you within the jaws of a tall soundstage. Where there is a good amount of detail to percussion and high frequencies.

The wideness of the track’s bass raises an eyebrow, though. There’s power and weight, but also a bent to overpower the track. The Echo Studio isn’t the foremost controlled or subtle. When it involves dropping the tune’s big, bold bassline.

We switch to Gregory Porter’s Mona Lisa cover and again. The speaker is in its element with this special 3D mix. There’s impressive height to all or any of the varied sections of the orchestra. Mixed with good dynamics and a powerful sense of scale. There isn’t much within the way of bass to accompany this track. You’re mainly left with an ensemble of detailed and entertaining mids and highs.

Amazon Echo Studio Review

3D Audio

We play The Jackson 5’s I would like You Back, remixed for 3D audio and things are a touch more hit and miss. Michael’s lead vocal sounds a touch lost within the soundstage and therefore the balance feels slightly off. the standard of your 3D experience may vary a touch, counting on the ultimate mix.

Of course, only a fraction of songs are mixed in this manner, so it is vital to notice many of the positive attributes transfer over to stereo tracks. Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name delivers a transparent vocal cutting through and an honest sense of separation between the various percussive elements.

The Studio is additionally capable of a touch processing wizardry to feature height to stereo mixes – simply keep the ‘upmixing’ setting enabled on the Alexa app. But don’t expect an equivalent quality of results you’d get from a well-tuned Atmos mix.

Amazon Echo Studio Review

With the Destiny’s Child track, the setting sucks a number of the drive and impetus from the song. The results are a loss of drive and drama. Similarly, the Manic Street Preachers’ Motorcycle Emptiness sounds solid, cohesive, and balanced in normal mode. But, enable the ‘Stereo Spatial outgrowth’ within the app and it all sounds a touch unbalanced and over-processed.

Amazon recommends keeping this setting on at the least so you’ll enjoy the consequences of the new sound, but we’d be tempted to show it off.

There’s no doubt the Amazon Echo Studio sounds bigger and goes much louder than some rivals, like the Sonos One.  But the Sonos sounds more fixed, offering a more cohesive sound and outstanding quality bass. It can’t summon the 3D processing of the Echo Studio, but we prefer its overall balance.


In the Echo Studio, Amazon has made its best speaker yet. It’s ambitious, flexible, serves multiple purposes, and comes at a coffee price point that only a corporation with the size of Amazon could competitively achieve.

It’s a bombastic speaker, packed with not just smart home and assistant tech, but smart audio considerations too. At its best, its 3D audio effects breathe new life into your favorite songs, while even at its worst it remains a ferociously capable smart speaker. and that is before considering its deserving place alongside your TV, too.

The audiophile community is an eternally picky one, and again the Echo Studio is unlikely to completely win them over. Inconsistencies within the quality of the 3D audio mixes will make that feature, for the nonce a minimum of, a celebration trick instead of a go-to draw. 

But at this price point, it’s fair to mention that Amazon is not just courting audiophile ears – it wants everyone’s ears, and is looking to romance them with a tantalizing balance between audio quality and affordability. If you’ve yet to nab an Amazon Echo speaker, the Amazon Echo Studio is the one to shop for.