8 inch vs 8 inch tablet

8 inch vs 10 inch tablet: Which is best

When it comes to choosing the perfect tablet, there are a few things to consider such as screen size. Do you want to buy a smaller 8” tablet or a larger 10”-inch model? Screen size is just one of the many things sometimes you’ll need to think about before making your decision. We will discuss 8 inch vs 10 inch tablet to help you decide which is right for you.

Some Reasons Good for the 8-inch tablet


The best reason for the compact tablet is the price because In general 8 inches and below size tablets will always be cheaper, unfortunately, some of the best tablets are not released in smaller sizes. How many reasons can be a great option if an 8-inch tablet can be

Cheap Affordable

If your seeking the best tablet low-cost device or 8-inch tablets can be a good option for you. It’s not that haven’t a 10” tablet under $100. You will find that are quite old models and the quality is lower than lower. when you choose a smaller screen size device always quality and durability with your budget be focused.

Best Tablet for Kids

Basically, we don’t buy expensive tablets for kids because Expensive normally above 8-inch tablets kids can’t not easy to use. Kids are using tablets to watch videos, and play games it is not a question of price. 

Big screen size tablets using kids do not feel comfortable not easy to use for kids. Normally, 8-inch tablets are best for kids at a cheap price and also you will find easily tablet accessories and covers.

Tablet to play Games

If you’re looking for a tablet to play mobile games should prioritize the size. The device screen sizes are most important for playing mobile games such as free fire, racing, and so on. 

An 8-inch tablet is ideal for phone games because of the cheap price and lightweight gamers feel comfortable when playing games. If you choose the best 8-inch tablet for you the playing mobile phone games it should be worth it.

Some Good Reasons for the Best 10-inch tablet


The 10-inch tablet is more expensive rather than an 8-inch tablet. Maximum high-quality tablet released above 8 inches. The 10-inch best tablet price is around $200. However, a 10-inch Device is ideal for multitasking for a tablet’s $200 price.


If you think 8-inch tablets aren’t the quality tablet. We are talking already about an 8″ tablet being a cheaper device. it comes with limited features and people called it a mini tablet you can use the mini tablet for basic work. 

Maximum High-end manufacturers release fewer mini tablets. The maximum high-performing tablet size is 10 inches such as the new iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab s8 plus. If you want the largest high-performing device for professional work such as photoshop for tablets.


The entity of prominence is the 10-inch tablet not only size. The 10-inch tablet is various Operating Systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows. The tablets are in many price ranges and are tablets available on the market. 

The most popular Android tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab s8 ultra, Windows is the most trending tablet is the Surface Pro 8, and iOS is the most popular operating system iOS right now the most popular tablet is the iPad pro. The tablet comes with different features. Every tablet is so expensive we know every trend product is so costly. So you will find the same OS tablet is a cheap price in the old model with the same feature.  

Best for watching movies

The 10-inch tablet we are going to most appreciates rather than the 8-inch tablet. Obviously, for watching movies the main factor is screen size because when you watch movies a good screen size gives an excellent viewing experience. 

A 10-inch device always has a good screen resolution, outstanding battery life, and a good amount of storage Users can store favorite movies and videos. A good 10″ device is Amazon Fire HD 10 gives you an excellent user experience. This is an ideal 10-inch tablet for multitasking not only for watching movies on Netflix.

Tablets for office works

We are not only appreciated widescreen. A good wide screen size device is more important for work. Because small screen size device’s working time can be zoomed in and out. it is the main reason also not enough features working time not proper working. 

An 8-inch tablet was not able to multitask. You choose the best 10-inch tablet you not only use for office works you can use note taking, photo editing, or videos for every work Microsoft surface pro 4 is an ideal tablet.

Is 8-inch Tablet Good for reading PDFs?

A larger screen size tablet perfect for web browsing, watching movies, and reading pdf. Even if you can ask anyone the ideal size for reading their answer is above 8 inches screen size tablet is good for reading and watching videos. 

8 inch vs 10 inch tablet

However, 8 inches size tablet is called a mini tablet you can choose for web browsing also ebook and pdf reading if your budget is under $100. Bigger Screen sizes give an outstanding viewing experience but will not find a viewing experience on the mini tablet for reading pdf.

Which tab are best 8 inches or 10 inches?

In my personal opinion best 8-inch tab is the galaxy tab a8 is the best The Galaxy A8 device is so fair and easy to use for playing games and Facebook. The A8 has excellent battery life. the user is quite a satisfaction. Another Best 8-inch tablet on the market. 

The amazon fire HD 8 tablet is the best 8-inch tablet for watching movies and for kids’ use. Galaxy A8 and Fire HD 8 both are cheaply affordable prices maximum 8-inch devices are the price cheaper. If you want to do web browsing and playing games and watching videos can best option for you.

If you want to do more professional work such as photo editing, videos, and office work for perfect for a 10-inch tablet. For photo editing, the surface pro 4 best windows tablet 10 inch is ideal for office work.


Sometimes Size is the key factor, but not only all time. If your budget is so limited you can buy the best 8-inch tablet Samsung Tab A8 and the iPad 6 mini is the best for playing games, the best for kids’ use, and so on. 

if you do a little bit of cost you can choose an affordable 10-inch tablet for using multitasking such as watching movies, and playing games for the ideal is Amazon Fire HD 10 plus. You will find many 10-inch devices at cheap prices around 8-inch tablets You can choose that tablet with enough amount of features available on the device. Source

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